Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A small kid

Blessings of the day: Thank God for my parents. I love them. 
Today I went back home to get some docs to be printed out as my own printer ran out of ink. (By the time i discovered, it was  midnight and shops do not open till 11am).  When I reached back home, my mom was so surprise to see me. Immediately she asked me -"Have you eaten any breakfast?"

Shuts i thought  - ONLY THIS MORNING I ATE NOTHING. And I desperately need a cup of coffee to wake me up. So i gave her the guilty look and shook my head. Something about her expressions just told me "Why can't PY take good care of herself?!" Immediately I was nagged by her again, she quickly got me a cup of coffee and place a huge cake box and said "Helped yourself with your sis's birthday cake!"

If was in the past, i would have gulp my coffee, picked up the cake box and placed in the fridge and went out for meeting. But this time, i told myself, no matter how busy, I should still grab a bite.. just to appease her.

After my meeting with the client, I met my little sis for lunch. Thought of spending more time with her since she might be going to NY anytime this week or next week. Hope is next week though. She managed to convince me to come up to do my work since we too had some work to discuss. So when I went back again, mom looked delighted to see me again.

I very much wanted to stay for dinner but the thought of my MIL was at home i declined the offer. Mum was also quite understanding and she didn't pressure me anymore.

Halfway through reading my emails and work, I suddenly just gave a loud sigh which startled her. She looked at me with this very sympathetic look and asked what's wrong. I replied "Just feeling tired."

She started go "My poor child.... why did you have to work so hard? Work can never be completed." and followed by her most famous lines “钱是赚不完的! 健康才最重要!”

I looked at her and replied  "Nothing beats having to work for your own business. Working hard, yes else how to ensure you have income. "

She continued from her last statement obviously missing what I've just said. "Poor child, not only you got to work, you got to cook, iron, wash and mop the floor!"

(Kg does the mopping. I m spared for the last part)

"Don't be so funny. That is part of my life already."

"Tell you what. why don't we arrange every week once or twice I come over your house and help you with the ironing! Ironing is my passion!"

"Are you crazy?! I don't even let my MIL ironed, why should you come?!"

"I don't very much like cooking, and why don't I iron, you cook me a meal in exchange?"

I was completely speechless with that kind of conversation I had with my mother this afternoon.

Before I left, she got my dad to buy extra box of roasted duck for me and Kg. In addition my dad cooked a pot of soup and gave it to me as well.

"Look! Your dinner is settled. Just cook rice and you can have a proper dinner with Kg."

I had alot of mix feelings. While I felt loved and touched by the kind gesture that she shown me, sometimes I can't helped but to roll my eyes at her funny remarks. To her I am never a grown up.

But I have to admit is really nice and bless that my parents love and care for me especially Mom. Sometimes I felt guilty I can't give them more. But yet these are the little moments that you forget about the past hurts and accept them for who they are and likewise for them to accept who I am too.

God watch over them and one day I pray for the day of salvation.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Such a sweet story... I understand how you feel very much

QQ said...

Aww..your mom is really sweet to offer to help u. it's very strange, i oso find my mom working too hard for us sometimes. we want them to relax, but they can't. but i guess we can only appreciate their kind gestures and resolve to treat them even better. yes. having parents around is the best. dun tink we can ever repay them, but u can pay it forward to ur own kids.

patty said...