Friday, June 18, 2010


Blessings of the Day: It had been a great church camp with God. I've surely grown closer with Him. Will jot down my tots in the next few days.

It was a pity that I missed the 21km Marathon Registration for SCB this year. The responses had been overwhelming than before. Full marathon was filled up within the first week. Half marathon was filled up 2 weeks later. I was quite disappointed. So Kg and I decided that we will run 10km again this year and improve our timing by 30mins at least or under an hour. Shortly after we registered, the 10km was officially closed. That's scary.

The reason we decided to rejoin is because this year is a new route passing the IR and the Helix Bridge. With new route, it will be less boring. It was also very interesting as I collect the SCB t-shirts - it was Adidas, New Balance and now this year Asics.

When YL was telling me that she'll be going to HK for exchange program from Aug to Dec, she was lamenting that she couldn't join me this year SCB marathon. An idea crept up in my head, I decided I wanna join HK SCB too! I did a check and learnt that HK SCB marathon was usually held in the last week of Feb. The temperature will be quite cooling and ideal to run! When I studied the route in HK, they had designed it to pass by various interesting landmarks. Of course the full marathon have the most and interesting landmarks. 10KM only covers about 3 landmarks whereas half marathon covers more than 6. So cool right! What a perfect excuse to travel again.

Then finally I've decided, I shall attempt my full marathon in HK SCB . That will be in 2012 Feb (very optimistic outlook) I will run wearing my first SCB Singapore t-shirt to commemorate my first marathon. Hahaha.

Ok so much of a marathon dreams blog. Lol :)

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