Monday, February 01, 2010

Mrs Lim on 23 Jan 2010

Blessings of the Day: "So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." Matthew 19:6

This is our wedding verse. Kg chose it and how apt. It is a good reminder that God joined us not by our strength and effort. How true that no one can separate us.

The journey was a long one. 10 years of dating. Sometimes unbelievable yet it was true.

That night I slept early (2am) and woke up early too (4.30am). My whole mind was "oh i waited quite long lar for this day." haha. A numerous things went through my mind

  • Must tell Joan/Jem/Grace/Ray/HS/blah blah where are the things put
  • Must draft my speech 2nd paragraph * i haven finish!*
  • ....
My make up artist arrived at 5.30am. Helen was really sweet. She usually have to charge extra for arriving before 6am. But she told me she would waive off the charges. Perhaps I also got her to give my mom a night make up too thus the extra benefit. But Helen, thanks anyway :) I was done by 6.30am that's when my jiemeis arrived. All was surprised I was done already. The photographer was like "You are done already??" haha. So great no unglam pictures of before and after.

My videographer came slightly later. But wasn't in a mood of asking why he was late. Feng Nian is from Beautiful Days. Our VG was a last minute decision in Nov. Actually i panic quite abit on that, not sure at such a short notice I was able to find one. But God was good. We got this VG and we really like his works (and most importantly fit our tight budget). It was different from the norm we see. Perhaps I was watching very good overseas wedding video and when I saw his works, i thought they were similar approach and looked very classy.

The morning passed by quickly go through the tea ceremonies at both sides followed by the late morning church wedding. The next thing we knew we were married!

During the thank you speech, my bridesmaid kwa kwa passed me a piece of tissue. I told myself - "No i am not going to use you!" I choked a few times especially at the mention of my mom. Frankly speaking I had been rather overwhelmed with emotions for the past few months. I was not counting down to the day I was going to get married. But rather I was counting down the days I would leave my parents and cleave with my husband. In my heart, I missed my parents especially my mom dearly. I also missed all the late night chats with my 2 sisters. I tried my best not to look at them when I made my speech because I already thought i saw them crying! Gosh! :(

Finally I got it through my speech. What a relief really.

When it came to our wedding dinner, there was a huge mess. A few relatives were not able to make it at the last minute and I had to play musical chairs at the very same timing. Thankfully for my sister, she was quick and was able to organize our relatives properly. Sister also did a good job by doing PR for my dad relatives as it was the first time everyone was able to make it for the wedding. Previously when my sister got married, a couple of them couldn't make it due to a funeral mourning period and likewise when my cousin got married, we too couldn't make it due to our grandma passed away at the same period.

During the dinner, we decided to skip the yumseng part. Thankfully my parents agreed and instead our lovely bridesmaid and bestmand gave us a speech. It was a touching speech and truely, Kg and I are thankful for your beautiful friendship.

Finally the day came to end, a new chapter unfold for me and Kg. We are so grateful for the help that everyone gave us. Without your blessings, the day wouldn't have gone so smoothly.

Praise God for He is good :)

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EHHHH? You got married again?!!! hahahah.. oh.. your post is LATE! LOL... Of course I know u didn't get married again... hehehe