Monday, November 16, 2009

Reflect 2009 @ work

Shall I choose to see the glass half full or half empty?

The very discouraged Happy very much want to see it half full. But sometime the truth is, it is also half empty.

Reflect 2009, coming another 6 weeks we are coming to 2010. I look back and can count the number of blessings that God have given me.

I also hit the lowest point of my life at work which was something I didn't quite expect it coming this year. Blame it on recession, blame it on lousy leads. But the truth is, is time to blame myself. I felt very disappointed in myself - on my work performance.

Sometimes I felt I missed many opportunities. From time to time, God sent various people in my lives to show me something. I missed it. I forgot about it. and worst .. I might have even choose to ignore it.

As i start to get very discouraged, or I have already did, Kg reminded me that nothing on earth belongs to us. to me. I have to let go and take God lead the way. Pride swell in my heart and make me ignore God's words and advice. My heart was hardened and bitter.

I remembered a good friend's dad words "Don't pity yourself". Yes that what i am doing now. Pity myself. Sigh

As the year come to a closing in another just 6 more weeks, God i pray, ... "Don't let Happy pity herself. Let her trust in You instead"

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