Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wedding #1 - 11.01.2009

Worship leader said media folks always late.. must come early.(True) I was told that I must come @ 7am. Hmmm... tried pushing it away... but didn't work. (of course.. it will never work) So I thought since Jem was coming @ 7am with P.Carol - ok lor... breakfast together... didn't suspect anything...

Jasmine: Crab lar~ like that you also believe .... hahaha...

I woke up @ 6am... super sian .. especially I slept at 12 last night. It was considerably early sleep especially I usually ended up sleeping around 2am. *bad habit must change* I snoozed and stoned till 6.30am and finally I dragged myself to wash up and change.

Surprise #1: Mother stood beside me. She just stood beside me while i was brushing my teeth.. i got abit of a shock cos she came in without any noise....I looked @ her and exclaimed "吓死人!" She just looked @ me and said "what so scary?" and walked away... (apparently she knew what was happening)

Suprise/Shock #2: I fell down... not once but twice ... the clothes poles fell on me... *ouch* Then i felt something was going to happen later.. but yet I couldn't point it out.... like bad or good

Surprise #3: Jemaine kept calling me... suspect alittle cos it was very unlike her... to call me ....

Finally I reached church @ 7.10am. I saw Ray's car... then I tot chum liao.. Worship leader really reach church at 7am today... no wonder Jem kept calling me.... then i saw Jem running across the main sanctary. Hmmm not very right..... she get nervous she starts to run like a squirrel....

First thing i looked out of KK and Mandy's car. I did remember that they are meeting Enqin for breakfast... Didn't see any.. and walked into the church. Then i saw Ray, Grace and Joan sitting there. I was like *oh confirm meet Enqin for breakfast liao* ... then i started to yak away... happy that Worship leader haven arrrrive yet plus I was very excited to get coffee for Ray. Then Jemaine said - aiya get ur laptop now and go and set up.... I like ok.... go and take and next I knew....

Keegan Lim arrived from in with a bouquet of flowers with his left hand and his right hand in his pocket...

My reaction: Shooootttt... RUNNNNNN

I ran away from him - Kg was too shocked (plus with anxiety .. ) I made his life quite hard... He said stop running take the flowers!

I said I DON'T WANT - What u want?????

We probably stare at each other like idiots for awhile and deep down in my heart... "That's my proposal???"

When he gave me the flowers, he knelt down and presented the ring that I was probably dreaming of all these while (ok i am kidding.. i am not)

My eyes are blurred (not with tears) and all I could then was - nod nod nod nod nod nod nod

As he slipped the ring into my finger, i knew it.... my playtime was over! AHHHHH I AM GETTING MARRIED!

I was in lala land for awhile.

What probably touched me the most was not the ring, not the flowers, not the surprise proposal. It was the 10 years photo album he did it for me recording all the times we spent together. I never thought this guy would do such a thing for me. As I flipped through the album for a few times a day for the next few days, I was reminded that these wouldn't be possible without the love of God for us.

As the wedding preparation kicked in now, its going to be tougher than before. In fact arguments and quarrels crept in after 2 weeks in my lala land. We need to commit this marriage into God's hands till the day I walk down the aisle meeting him and HIM to embark the new chapter of our life.

Haha meanwhile let me enjoy my single life first :) hehhehee

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