Thursday, June 19, 2008

The tired Mind

Blessings of the Day: Fulfilling my mom's dream :)

I think I am exhausted. Patty said my body is screaming for rest. I think so too :(

Today while on my way to meeting - I slept in the cab.

When I reached my client's place, she msg me to meet 30 mins later. Gave myself a treat - Carrot Cake from Coffeebean. Yummy except the cream cheese don't taste cheesy anymore. Taste like CREAM.

After meeting, I head to Holland V for the 2nd meeting. Slept in the bus. Sleeeeepppttttttt till I find myself in Clementi! Get off and cross the road. This time don't dare to sleep again.

When I reached Starbucks, gave myself the 2nd treat of the day - Java Chip. Yummy but forgot to ask the staffs not to blend too much. Thus can't bite the chips. Never mind...

After meeting, thought of heading to Ikea since is nearby to grab hotdogs and look out for new tables cos the table at home seem to be collapsing anytime. Guess what? Overslept and end up in Orchard. hahaha

I need a little break break break break....

I think I should stop watching TVB dramas to 2am. Now you know why.

Hooking on - Forensic Heroes II

My results are coming out in a few hours time. So exciting ... NOT....

Ok, Pray for me ok :)

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