Thursday, March 20, 2008


Blessings of the Day: I thank God that He is always with me no matter what happen.

It had been a hectic month for me.

So hectic I don't know where to begin.

It had been quite a pure madness with school assignments and projects. Almost every week, I had to submit assignments and drafts. Some great some not too good. Assignments at uniSIM were a major challenge too. I really dread working in group projects especially for this semester because it takes a great deal of coordination and planning with my classmates. I had been also very last minute too. This is really terrible. It is a norm to do my assignments till 2am + in the morning.

This semester requires alot of mastering my foundation of design well. NUS had been an enjoyable time for me no doubt, but it almost like turning myself a full time student this semester and working part time instead. I really thank the lecturer for being such a understanding one for accomodating the grouping requests. I also thank God that my classmate, HS was taking this with me. Without her, it is impossible to go through NUS. In 1 month time, I would complete everything and will bid farewell to this campus which offers such good cheap food. When was the last time you eat $1 mee siam or $1.80 fish and chips?

Work had been a challenging enough for the first quarter of the year 2008. I aimed to close 1 by March and 2 in April. Being the ambitious one, I tend to plan too far ahead and realize the plans were never realistic. Or worst, fail to follow timeline. I got negative feedback from my clients of the slow response this year as compared to the time we are always more active. Sigh, everything such things come in, my heart sinks. Literally drop. But thank God for the nicer clients one always so accomodating to me.

On the lighter note, GB had been pleasantly sweet these days. The sec 4s are graduating and it does make me feel abit sad. Last Saturday, 6 shared their testimonies with us and we all cried and hugged one another. Over these 4 years, God had touched their lives and brought each of them. Each girl were lovingly mould by God's hands to be the woman of God that God wants them to become. They had grown so much and matured over these years. I can still remember when they first joined GB, their looks blur one.. innocent one. Today they all became a leader and proud to be a GB girl. God had revealed our harvest through these girls. He had assured all of us that we didn't labour in vain, and God was with us all these while. Many girls testified how God was so real in their lives and how they had prayed and journeyed with God and with all officers. I am so thankful for Mandy, Jemaine, Rachel, Grace and AiKheng. May the Lord continue to bless and multiply the Girls Brigade ministry.

Last friday was a refreshing time for me. I managed to attend CG for the first time in 2008 cos there were no lesson! :) It was a refreshing time that I since sit in to worship God and do bible studies. Really miss cg alot especially the girls. Especially our word group :) hehehe with Qq, Cec, Xy, Felix, Keegan and also newly joined member Hang Hwa. The songs that we sang last friday were still attached on my noticeboard infront of me. Songs that were ministering to me and reminding me to focus back on God. It was such a good time of sharing to share my struggles and to remind myself I am not alone and there are people who prayed for me.

Ever since Kg's 2 closed ones had called home to be with the Lord, Kg and I just walked closer each day with the Lord. It brought us closer and reminding ourselves we need to treasure each other even more. It also brought me to realize that I need to be more pro-active in sharing the gospel msg to my family even more. It is difficult cos i kept hitting the walls. It was so bad that it just didn't work out anymore. But I know God still hears and know the desires of my heart. I will continue to persevere on and pray for my sisters, parents and sigh yes even him. I just can't bear to harden my heart against him for some reasons. I certainly need to cling to God even more through these times. Forgiveness and Praying for him is my biggest obstacle now.

I am looking forward for a break soon.

I want to go Malaysia for a road trip. I feel like covering KL, Penang, Cameron Highland and Port Dicksons for one week. Just eat and relax. No work no clients no study.

I want to go Indonesia for 1 week and visit my good friend which i missed her wedding in Feb!

I want to go Melbourne for 1 week and enjoy another winter season with my good friend again.

That is 3 weeks in total. That should set me back at least $3K in total for this holiday. $1K in 1 week. Maybe need to take up extra jobs. Haha.. :)

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